The Peaceful Path Begins Within

You're invited to begin the greatest journey of your life

experience inner peace in this moment-now


This Path does not contradict any religion or spiritual practice.  It does not dismiss current beliefs or ideals. 

The Path to Peace requires no major changes in your lifestyle. 
You wont have to become a vegan, stop drinking, smoking, exercise more
or sit in meditation for hours per day to achieve the results you desire for Peacefulness.   

You do not have to have a partner, circle or any other outside confirmation
to achieve Peace.  This is an inner solo journey, that you can share or keep to Yourself. 

Peace is found within

Thoughts create all suffering. All the chaos, struggle, and anxiety in the world are a result of each of us trying to achieve Peace, joy, and success in any way possible. Unfortunately, we get lost in the static, noise, and influence of the relative world and its subsequent programming.

When you experience true Peace created from within, you will no longer have to keep striving for it from the outside by “Getting This” or “Being More of That.”

Peace is already inside of you. You have already begun recognizing the possibility of manifesting a peaceful existence. You inquired, now you only need to answer the call.

Buen Camino
Since 2012 I have been a Business Success Coach. While I still work with businesses, I realized Peace and Happiness are the foundation for every success. So whether you want to find Peace internally, in a relationship or at work, these fundamentals apply.

Let me be your Guide

5 Steps on the Path to Peace

  1.  Be Present:  Wellbeing is found in the here and now. Not in the past or the future. Put your full attention on the current experience; emotions, sights, sounds, and sensations. The inquiry; What is happening at this very moment?
  2. Silence:  Allowing moments of silence or stillness to infiltrate your day will let you step outside of any situation and observe it from a different perspective. Shhhhhh, take a moment before taking any action.  
  3.  Action:  Take a breath, pausing for a few moments, meditation, asking yourself; “Is this for the highest good?” “Is this true?” These are all examples of conscious action.  
  4. Non Judgement:  It is natural to question yours and other motivations. However, once you practice Presence and Silence, you will know if you are judging yourself and others or aligning with the highest intention.  
  5. Surrender: It is another way of thinking about Acceptance. In this relative world, chaos and suffering are all part of the experience. You cannot know up without down, in without out, dark without light. Embracing “What Is.” is the key to surrender and peacefulness.

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Meet Your Guide...

Wendie Kause inspires passion and transformation in individuals and entrepreneurs who gain knowledge, clarity, and confidence to manifest the life they desire.

As a Personal Life Coach, she knows that everyone can have a happy and abundant lifestyle if they connect deeply with their higher self and align its purpose with inspired activity.

She guides people through the process of aligning their souls’ purpose with external actions. She does this by offering direct tough-love coaching, tailored strategies, and motivation to uncover what’s holding them back, slowing them down or stopping them from manifesting their full potential — then transforming those obstacles into bold, inspired action.

As a Business Coach for over eight years, she has inspired hundreds of individuals and businesses to get out of their own way and make positive changes. Resulting in increased income, happier work culture, and improved customer service, resulting in increased profitability and team satisfaction.

Her entrepreneurial journey began partially because of a personal crisis; the loss of her mother to cancer followed a few years later by the death of her loved step-daughter to illness. These losses propelled her forward to realize that life is too short to hold back because of fear or limiting beliefs.

While tragedy often thrusts us into action to make changes in our lives, she does not believe a crisis is the only way to make a shift. At any time, we can decide to live a life filled with curiosity, beauty, wonderment, and happiness. It’s up to each of us to decide.

You Can Create an Inspired and

Balanced Life

Career, Family, Personal Time 

Balancing the Wheel of life is tough!

The struggle is REAL!!!

In this On-line course, you will learn how to balance the eight main centers of life.  Not only that you will uncover how it became unbalanced in the first place!  Most importantly you will finally know how to gently and easily re-create a balanced, happy & harmonious life that you desire.

Eight Areas of Life Balance





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Mastering the Art of Networking is a necessary tool.  Creating a powerful network of like minded individuals who you can serve and who can serve you takes sales to soulful interaction with your fellow humans.   

In this Free Guide, I share with you the success secrets that I have taught my clients for over seven years and have used personally for over 35 years to attract clients, create relationships and establish easy to follow processes to maintain, grow, nurture and convert those relationships into soul-centered service.  These time-tested, valuable strategies and mental attitudes will take your sale to the next level. 


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Activity Goal Setting system FREE!  This article, video and free worksheet cut right through the soft belly of S.MA.R.T. Goals.  My Activity Goals System creates an actionable step by step plan to Crush Procrastination by starting at the very beginning with your Why and setting up a program ahead of time with daily actionable steps.  It’s a No Brainer if you follow the easy steps I lay out for you!

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First comes the thought, then comes action.  Without a clear map to your destination, you will make it, but it will take a lot more time and money, not to mention frustration to get there.

This Roadmap will help place you on the road in the right direction to help you make your dream of becoming a coach, changing the lives of your clients and creating a freedom life-style come true.

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“The Thousand Mile Journey Begins With The First Step” Lao Tzu

If you’re ready to establish yourself as a transformational leader and seize your slice of this multi-billion dollar industry, I invite you to download my Coaching Checklist.  In it, I share with you the step by step process and, in what order, I used to establish myself as a successful coach. I am excited to share this useful tool with you!


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Leadership/Team Building

When I began my coaching practice my focus was on helping business professionals to improve;  Sales, Leadership, Team Building, and Customer Service.  While I helped them to succeed, I rarely dove into the spiritual alignment openly.  Now without hesitation I teach with an open heart, elevated awareness and let all my Woo Woo flow freely through me to my clients.    Click below for my free Team Building Mastery Workbook.  If you are currently a leader in your field or are planning on adding team members,  my Team Building Mastery guide will allow you to create a team that is dedicated,  loyal, happy and fulfilled.   Click the link below to download your free guide.

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