5 Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid

Sky’s the Limits – Don’t plan Low 

When creating your goals for 2019 I recommend that you break the rules of how you have gone about it for the last…well every year since you began creating goals.   That is, if your really want to make big changes in 2019! If all you want is to stay afloat, maybe do a little better than last year then setting goals the exact same way you have every year is fine.  However, if you’re serious about making some incredible, life changing things happen in 2019 – I dare you to Think Big -Think Different – Think “The Sky’s the Limit”!

Take a moment and remember back to when you first started.  The opportunities were limitless, the excitement of what was possible kept you awake at night, made you bound out of bed in the morning with the anticipation of what the day would bring.    Fast forward 3 – 5 – 10 -20 years.  How is it going?  Are you just getting by?  Trudging through your day with little to no excitement?  Doing the same thing asbefore with nothing new on the horizon? I dare you to break out of your annual routine and stop making these small thinking mistakes when setting your goals for 2019.  

Top 5 Goal Setting Mistakes that keep you and your business just “Good Enough”

  1. Review the numbers over the last 3 – 5 years.  Set goals for the next year based on that growth pattern
  2. Account heavily for the Economy as well as the Trends and Predictions of your industry
  3. Look at last year’s financials – Slap 10% on it and divide that among you and/or your sales team
  4. Only look at Financial Goals – don’t include project, personal or group goals
  5. Don’t write down HOW you plan on hitting those goals

Here’s a radical way of thinking about your goals.  Start with realistically Dreamingof what you want to accomplish.  Then GO BIGGER!  Yes!!  Hit that idea out of the park!  Begin brainstorming how this could really happen!!   Don’t worry about why it can’t happen, pull yourself and/or your team together and start brainstorming ideas on what you CAN do!  Not what HAS been done or worse yet, what OTHERS have done. 

 How much money do you want to make?  What projects to do you finally want to get done this year?  What new idea do you want to give a chance of breathing life into?  Where do you want to take your business?  Dream it! Believe it!  What does it look,feel, taste, smell like?  How will this change your life?   Include how you will measure as you go along.  How will you know when you have arrived?   What strategic steps you will take to accomplish it? Break it into Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily steps!   Write it all down, take the time to get into detail.  The more specific you are the easier it will be to reach your New Miraculous Goals.   

This is the concept of creating the life and lifestyle you want to participate in actively every day with meaning and joy!  I wish you an exhilarating, productive and lucrative 2019!!

Wendie Kause, Owner of Kause Success Management. 

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Bumps In the Road

Balance Your Life

It’s a bump in the road.

That’s what my husband says when we have a fight and need to work hard to come to some common ground. Alternatively, he says the same thing when life pulls the rug out from under us in one way or the other.

It’s a bump in the road.

Yeah, he’s right. After the smoke has cleared and things have settled down, it always seems to work out. However, sometimes, the bumps seem to get out of hand. I go crazy trying to ride it smoothly and with some semblance of peace.

Money, Health, Career, Friends, Family – one always seems to be out of whack. Moreover, when it happens to more than one area at a time, it makes for a bone-jarring ride!

Sometimes we have lot’s of time, but no money — alternatively, no time and lots of fun things we want to do AND no money!  There are times, I look at a calendar and realize months have passed without talking to a dear friend or beloved family member. Imbalance can come from things that seem out of my hands like an illness. However, just about every time, if I review the past months, I realize I have not been eating right, sleeping well or taking the time to exercise my body or mind. Ugggg… I hate those bumps in the road that I know I could have avoided, don’t you?

There is no way to eliminate the bumps all together, but there sure are techniques to help smooth it out.

I developed the Balance Your Life course about five years ago when I realized EVERYONE struggles with the bumps in the road just like I do.  I began to give live workshops and was blown away by the response. People were reporting getting a handle on a specific area that had plagued them for years. Gaining clarity on areas, they realized they were ignoring and came to understand that ignoring these issues did not make them go away. Still, others recognized that the majority of their focus was on an area they did not want to focus.

The bottom line? My students and I found clarity and techniques to smooth out the ride and bring more joy and happiness to our lives.

Yeah, I know, I developed this…but more importantly…I USE this program twice a year to stay on track! I found, the Wheel of Life process NEVER looks the same twice — each time I uncover an area of focus. Moreover, every time, I can physically see where I improved since the last time I did the Wheel of Life worksheet.

By popular demand, I created this On-Line Balance Your Life Course so that I can share it with more folks and because I do highly recommend that you walk through the steps twice a year to evaluate where you are in the Wheel of Life and refocus where you find you need it.

Since doing this, my past students and I have found that no one area gets out of control. We catch it before its out of hand and driving us bonkers.

This course comes with downloadable content that you can print, complete and keep track, year after year.

Balance Your Life comes with an explanation and training so that you can shine a light on each area of the life wheel.

Once you discover an area you wish to elevate there are several actions you can take right away to begin to bring about the balance desired.

This course also comes with a Free One Hour coaching session with me! (Yes ME not an assigned coach.)

You will also get Lifetime access to the program (Download it. It’s yours forever.)

Just as important, you have access to me (Via Facebook) any time to answer questions or just help you with details.

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not entirely thrilled with this course and it does not help you to gain clarity, balance and take action to transform your life.

Oh, the final thing, I hate courses that are full of upsells.  I do invite you to work with me and/or follow me at the end, but not throughout the program.  A carrot will not be held out just out of reach.  This course is inclusive and stands alone.  You will not have to buy more to get to the “Real Secret” that I am holding for ransom for just another financial investment.  That’s a promise from me to you!

Now Through December 31st, 2018, I am offering it to you at an extremely low fee of just $47.00  I am doing this for several reasons.

#1 – To give you a price break – Happy Holidays!

#2 – Increase year-end sales for me. (Yeah… crazy right? Admitting that I would like to make some money from my talent and service.)

And, Finally #3 -Because I know this works and people are gun-shy of buying products online. If you buy my program, I KNOW you will love it, and I hope I will become part of your world of Inspirational Transformational Mentors. I know my purpose on this planet is to help change lives. My “Balance Your Life” Course is one way of doing it.

To purchase, all you have to do is click here to go to Balance Your Life page.

I thank you in advance for your trust in me and the love of yourself to take steps to manifest the life that you want. That’s a perfect way to express the Love you have inside yourself…for yourself.

Blessed be,

Wendie Kause, Founder KauseSuccess.com

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