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3 Steps to Manifestation, Creativity & Action

Something just occurred to me.  I continuously teach the value of clarity and active goal setting.  These are the core teachings of my coaching practice.  I avoid such woo-woo words as, Manifestation, Creativity, Abundance Mindset.  Yes, I do use them, but infrequently, preferring to fall back on tangible action items that can be proven.  It hit me this morning; gaining clarity on what your destination looks like.  Setting action goals to achieve them and then taking immediate action is utterly and simply the law of attraction in action. They are not two separate activities at all!

I have been a student of the law of attraction and manifestation for most of my life. Not that it has always turned out entirely positive.  Well, at least according to the world’s opinion of success or happiness.

As an example, I’ve been married four times. Another example; when I was a teenager, my mother, brother, and I were homeless.

These things did not happen to break me, or to knock-me-down, these things happened as stepping stones to the next evolution of my earthly experience as well as to understand the power of manifestation.  The control of mind over matter and the ability of my mind to create whatever experience I so choose.  Believe me, when I tell you, I did not always recognize this wisdom at the time.

Here are a couple of other things that happened in my life that can be perceived as negative experiences. My mother was hands down my very best friend, and at the age of 59, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

While it did take me a couple of years to move through the grieving process of losing my mother, I finally recognized that my relationship with my mom was one that was holding me back. All my decisions were based on how it would affect her and her life more than my own.  While she was going through chemotherapy, I decided to follow my dream and go for a job that I had previously thought was impossible for me to get. It took me nearly six months to land that job.  Three days before she died I got the job, her very last words on this earth were “I am so proud of you.”

Mom turned out to be my inspiration not to delay and not to impose limits on myself.  She lived her life in a state of limitations, procrastination, and survival.  I am grateful to my mother every single day for the lesson of opening my mind to possibilities and to also not put off until tomorrow, what I can do right now.

Fast forward a few years and my beautiful stepdaughter was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease, and in less than a year she too passed on at the very young age of 23.  Again, I had a perfect excuse to fall apart sit back and realize that life was nothing more than one negative experience after another.

A few weeks after my daughter passed on it occurred to me that my life could be a beautiful testimony of her life and my mother’s life by living my life without boundaries or limitations.  There was no way that I was going to waste another moment worrying about my mistakes in the past or what advantages I didn’t have or what might not happen in the future.

So being homeless getting married and divorced three times (I’m happy to say I got it right on this fourth marriage), losing my mother.  Subsequently losing my blessed stepdaughter, I realized that life was meant to be experienced, with all its highs and lows, ups and downs, in’s and out’s.  How can we know the good without the bad to measure it by?   With that being said; holding back and not doing, being, and having because of the exterior circumstances is not an option in this experiential life.

Our past does not define us; however, I agree that it has helped to form us and set us on a path or a direction that we are on now. But every one of us has the grand opportunity to do, be and have exactly what we want to do, be and have while building on a beautiful and exceptional tomorrow without expectation.

We are guaranteed only this exact moment in time.  There is no guarantee that tomorrow will not bring some calamity, some disappointment or some devastation that you now must figure out how to overcome.

You can train your mind right here and now to manifest anything that you desire no matter what the circumstances no matter what has happened in the past while not worrying exactly how it will come to be in the future.

So here are the three steps that I believe are the best for manifesting the life that you desire no matter what has happened to you in the past no matter what challenges you’re dealing with right now and no matter what fears you may have.

#1:  Clarity

I want you to write down exactly how you imagine the thing you want most.  How it makes you feel, what it tastes like and even smells like as you imagine your exact perfect outcome. I don’t care if it’s a cup of coffee or tea, or a thousand dollars, or a million dollars.  It could be a perfect relationship or a new puppy, whatever it is that you desire or want to have, I want you to take a moment and gain extreme clarity and write it all down in ridiculous detail.

#2:  Action

I want you to write down one action item that you can do within the next five minutes to move towards that outcome.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the action is.  Just choose one activity you can do and something preferably that is repeatable to move you towards that outcome, only one thing!  A phone call, purchase a book, start practicing the thing, whatever it may be.  Hell, it could be that you want to win the lottery…. when was the last time you purchased a ticket?  Go buy a ticket!

You may be thinking there is NO WAY that you can manifest a million dollars in 24 hours.  That is not the purpose of this exercise.  The purpose is to begin to train your brain to THINK in this manner.  To recognize that Believing does not cause pain or discomfort.  You may uncover the fact that believing will perpetuate more action and more belief.  We often Stop Dreaming or Believing something can and will happen that we want.  This exercise is to show you that you can have the emotional experience without pain.  When you discover that you can imagine it and take at least one step towards the destination.  My hope is that you can take the next and the next without faltering or delay.

#3 Manifestation / Believe:

Believe manifestation is possible!  You may have a past that says this cannot happen.  Because my life experience has proven repeatedly that every good thing that I want is not available to me.   Pretend for one moment that it is possible, and this outcome is happening right now!   I don’t care if in your heart and soul you believe 100% that this cannot happen.  You do have an imagination; I want you to put it into overdrive and believe just for the next 24 hours.

That’s it! Only one small step that this thing that you imagine is yours and that it is happening right now!  Just believe for a brief period that it is in your ability to create any manifestation you desire.

Hey if it doesn’t work then at least, you tried!  You did something, and you gave it a shot!  The universe does not always manifest precisely what we want in the exact amount of time that we want.  But for the next 24 hours I want you to pretend that the universe gives you exactly what you expect.   You’ve got nothing to lose!  What if this worked?  What if you find out that you are the creator of your life?  No matter what happens good or bad, you can manifest the very next thing?  And the very next thing?  And the very next thing?

Please Share

I would love to hear from you!  Be brave. Share with all of us what you will manifest.  How you feel about it.  What it all looks like.  If it is too intense to share, message me the outcomes to this manifestation!  No matter how it turns out!  I want to know how this worked out for you, mostly how you felt during the experiment.

Blessings on your journey of manifestation in your life.  Play and have an adventure with this.  Do not take it too seriously.  Think of it as an experiment and observe the outcome.

I have shared with you my life’s biggest disappointments and pain, because I want you to see that no matter what life experience you may have, you can do, be or have what you desire.  My life is a testimony of that very thing.  I have a happy marriage, a successful business, a beautiful home. Overall I find myself in such a state of gratitude and bliss I can barely believe this is my life!  I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings or how I will manifest it!

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