Wendie Photo - Bike HoorayHolistic Approach

Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life!  So cliche’ but absolutely True!  Throughout my website and content, you will see roads, reference to the journey, and me on a motorcycle!  That’s because being a coach is My Purpose and Passion.  Riding is my Joy.  Because I follow my purpose and passion, I get to partake in my Joy, often!!  I help you to discover your own Purpose and Passion and share strategies that will help you take your success to a whole new level.

I use a five point strategy and build from there to help you succeed!  My 5 point strategy focuses first on gaining clarity on your personal Why and What.  Aligning personal and business goals to work synergisticly together toward a happy, stress free, productive, profitable and balanced life.

Five Point Strategy

Clarity – gain clarity on your Personal Why and What.

Uncover your Obstacles

Your Mental and Physical Environment

Goal Setting Strategies

Master you Psychology





My Philosophy and Story


“We can choose the life we want to live and how we want to live it.”



Don’t take life too seriously

Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid to be silly sometimes

Be authentic

fearlessly follow your dreams


Allow people to know exactly who you areWendie and Reilly

And finally 

Success is Inevitable


I started Kause Success Management because I had a deep desire to serve my community in the best way I knew how. Coaching!    At the time, I was employed as a Local Sales Manager in Radio.  While working with local businesses to develop their marketing strategies, I found that they needed help in the very areas that I excelled in as much, if not more than my marketing expertise.  Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, and Team Building.

I decided instead of focusing my talents on just one area of my expertise; Marketing, I would start up a business to help my clients overcome the difficulties that small businesses deal with daily, such as; Sales, Leadership, Team Building, and Customer Service.   That was how Kause Success Management was born, back in 2012.

I really dove in and burned the ships behind me!  I cashed in my 401K and leaped, believing my passion, purpose, and desire to serve would also serve my family and me.  A perfect circle.  Now, years later, I am still in the throws of happiness, because I get to make dreams come true while living the life I dreamed of!   It has been the most fantastic journey, and I just can’t wait to see where it takes me…..and you!

My story is not your story; exactly HOW I did it may not be your how!  Each business, each person have different obstacles and strengths. I will never forget what it was like when I first started out.  I know that my experience can help you to move through your own obstacles and use your special gifts to succeed.

When I look over the years since I started my coaching business, I feel blessed and a bit amazed and proud of where I started, how I have grown, and who I have helped!  I can’t believe the growth, changes, and challenges my clients and I together have faced, overcome, and achieved!  Check out Client Success Stories

Thank you for reading my story, I cant wait to learn about yours, and I hope I will be a part of your glorious journey of manifesting your dream life!

If you would like to grab a cup of coffee and share your story with me, I would love to visit!  Let me help you gain clarity, overcome doubt so you can begin or expand your own journey!  Click here to schedule a time to chat!


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Now, Meet my Team! 

Wendie and Reilly

Wendie Kause


I am honored and blessed to be able to find my purpose and live it every day,  serving people who,  just like me have dreams and a passion to overcome any obstacle(s) in order to manifest their dreams and make a difference doing the thing that they love!

Halley Puppy

Hailley Kause

VP Of Motivation

Hailley has been the VP of Motivation and Focus since the first day!  She shows off her ability by demonstrating just how focused she can be on the local squirrels!  When she zero’s in on one, there is no defense!  Thank goodness she can’t climb trees.   Her duties also include keeping the founder company.


Reilly Kause

VP of Fun

Reilly’s responsibilities includes reminding everyone that life was meant to be enjoyed and not just endured!   He is also the official Greeter!   He lets everyone know that they are welcome and are also welcome to play fetch with him……Anytime!

Next Steps…

If you would like to take the next step to creating the life and business success that aligns with your purpose and dreams, please schedule a call.  It’s free, NOT all salesy and I promise to help you dig deep to uncover whatever obstacles may be standing in your way that’s keeping you or your business from reaching the next level of success!