What’s All the Hype about Coaching?

Coaching HypeWhat’s all the hype about coaching?  Why can’t you swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting a coach nowadays?   Why on earth should you join the crowd and become a coach?

Well, I am going to shed some light on these pressing questions and help you to decide whether or not you want to become part of one of the fastest growing industries or pass it up as yet another fad. Continue reading “What’s All the Hype about Coaching?”

3 Steps to Manifestation, Creativity & Action

SomeMindset, Creativity, Manifestationthing just occurred to me.  I continuously teach the value of clarity and active goal setting.  These are the core teachings of my coaching practice.  I avoid such woo-woo words as, Manifestation, Creativity, Abundance Mindset.  Yes, I do use them, but infrequently, preferring to fall back on tangible action items that can be proven.  It hit me this morning; gaining clarity on what your destination looks like.  Setting action goals to achieve them and then taking immediate action is utterly and simply the law of attraction in action. They are not two separate activities at all! Continue reading “3 Steps to Manifestation, Creativity & Action”

Three Coaching Business Myths

Puppy noes in paw

There are folks out there who can help. But if you think there is a quick fix to a six-figure business, you must also be the type that believes a pill will make you skinny and physically fit with no effort on your part.

3 Coaching Business Myths:

1) A 6 Week Program will make you six figures

2) Following just one step will turn it all around

3) “How I made six figures in 3 months!”  But fail to mention it took eight     years to get there.


When I was first learning Sales – my mentor told me it’s just like growing up.  Crawl – Walk – Run!  There are no shortcuts, and there is no Magic Word to make you a successful salesperson.  You must put your time in and learn.

That does not mean you cannot start your coaching practice soon.  What it means is to have realistic expectations and not over commit to your success timeline.  Put your toe in the water, then work your way up to your knees, float around a little, swirling your arms, legs and then start to swim.  Someone probably helped you to learn to swim, they held on – waited for you to get better and then slowly let you go.  Right?

YOU MUST learn to Crawl – Walk – Run in whatever endeavor you start.

You didn’t dive into the deep end of the pool and start swimming, did you?  It was step by step, learning the process – learning the how – then experiencing the ups and downs of the process.  The person who was helping you finally let go and you did it by yourself.   Over time, you may have discovered different ways to swim that was your unique style.  That is the Crawl-Walk-Run process.


It’s the same with starting your coaching practice.  Some of us learn faster than others.  Some will become Olympic Athletes, and others will enjoy swimming on a regular basis, but never become a Gold Medal Winner, they merely enjoy swimming and make it part of their life.

I have a roadmap for you to follow, to start your coaching practice.    Consider it arm floaties or training wheels for just starting out.  I will help you take your very first steps to creating the proper mindset to go for it!   Kinda like screwing up the courage to jump off the high dive.  This roadmap will help you do it and show you how you can get the courage to leap!




ManifestThis post was first created as a journal entry in April 2018,  then transformed into a social media post and now I have decided to let it all hang out and share these Self-Truths with you on my Website.  I hope what you read here will inspire you.  I know it has inspired me.  Blessings.

I have butterflies thinking about sharing this most intimate of personal discoveries with you.  However, I believe that the only way for me to genuinely manifest this experience into reality is to share it with you.  Not to mention that it may inspire you to look deep within to discover some of your own Self-Truths. Continue reading “Self-Truths”

Why Clarity?

Confused mind is confused thoughts

I am asked all the time “How do I find focus and do what I need to do to make shit happen?” The easy answer is gain clarity. Why Clarity? I believe if you do not understand why you want to do a “thing” or what you expect to give or to get out of it you will not be able to take the very first steps to accomplish it. You must have extreme clarity first.

Continue reading “Why Clarity?”

Unleash Your Unlimited Potential

Desk LampAre you filled with a desire to change your life by helping others?  This was my dream then and now,  is to Unleash Your Unlimited Potential!   But how do you make that happen?  Does even just thinking about it feel overwhelming, scary and daunting?  What comes first?  What’s next?  Where do you begin?

What’s worse is if you have tried and failed and started and stopped.  You may have tons of notes and ideas from webinars you have watched or articles you’ve saved.  All of it clogging your brain, overwhelming you with fear and frustration.  Continue reading “Unleash Your Unlimited Potential”

How Do You Crush Procrastination?

Crush Procrastination Crush Procrastination! There is a better way to set goals! 

I have discovered that using Activity Goals vs. S.M.A.R.T. Goals is a huge benefit to Crush Pocrastination and consistently achieve goals I set for myself and my clients.  I don’t want you to think S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting is not useful, I have used it successfully for years and years.

Use Activity Goals to focus on the micro-actions.  Traditional goal setting (S.M.A.R.T.)  focuses on the outcome only, which leaves a void between what you want to accomplish and the steps to do it. Continue reading “How Do You Crush Procrastination?”

Four Unique Steps to Eliminate Time Scarcity

clock watching I bet if you could change the way you think about time you could change the way you live your life at work and home.  I could spout off four great ways to Manage your time, like; blocking certain times of the day to do certain things.  Or make a “to do” list that you must accomplish today.  Or maybe even encourage you to wake up a half hour early and stay up a half hour later to gain one more hour of productivity in your day.  These are all great idea’s, but doing them without understanding how you think about time, or the lack thereof, will only add to your overall stress of just one more thing to do in your life.  So, here are Four unique steps to eliminate time Scarcity.

Eliminate Time Scarcity Thinking

When you hurry from one thing to the next, never really experiencing the NOW.  It feels as if there is always something else that must be done…Now!  Instead of what you are doing.  Time is not about discipline, it’s about how you experience time.  Slow down, enjoy the moment, even if you’re only cleaning the bathroom.  Be in the Now of the experience.

Eliminate negative thinking habit of Time

The more you focus on what you don’t have, the more of that you have.  Be aware when you say things like “I don’t have enough time.”  “Time is a killer.”  “So much to do, so little time.”  These are cliché’s that fall out of our mouths without even thinking about it.  What you focus on consciously or unconsciously persists.

Create patient timelines

When you over-commit and over promise, there is never enough time.  Be patient with yourself and with others.  Communicate if you find you are unable to reach a certain deadline.  If you have given your word to do something, you should have the integrity to finish, but that does not mean that you cannot communicate and ask for an extended deadline.  Perhaps the “fill in the blank….project” can wait 3 more hours or 3 more days or 3 more weeks.  You won’t know if you don’t communicate.  You are in control of your time.  Choose wisely what you fill it with.

Benefits of being Busy

Understand that you may be busy in order to fulfill an internal need. “Being Busy” is perceived as powerful in our society.  You may imagine that people think to themselves “Wow, you must be important to be so busy all the time.”   But, is that true?  Or do we admire those who accomplish so much, seemingly with grace?  Mmm?  A good question to ponder.

So!!!   If you remove the thought as Time as the enemy and re-imagine your relationship with time,  just a little bit, you may find yourself in the wonderful position of being Time Abundant!!   Enjoy the moment, realize that you are the creator of your reality and at any given moment, you can change it.

This Article Contributed by Wendie Kause, Owner of Kause Success Management.  Please Visit www.KauseSuccess.com or Join our Dynamic Group Ultimate Coaching Mastery