Handling Ups, Downs and Disappointments


Well, my story is not overly inspirational, but one that may help you when your having a bad day. In businesses handling ups, downs and disappointments are part of the gig!

A nice account that really started my year off with stars and explosions got delayed. Boy!  The disappointment is real. But the deal is not dead and I am confident that it will happen. But the feeling is…well, horrible. Makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry and kick and scream like a little baby, or perhaps curl up in a ball under my blanket and binge watch Greys Anatomy or some such inane Netflix show. Continue reading “Handling Ups, Downs and Disappointments”

Manifest Your Highest Vision

Manifest your Vision

Is your life everything you wanted it to be?  Not just sales and business success, but overall?  Did you accomplish your goals, manifest your highest vision?  Did you set goals or create a vision of what you want to manifest? Below you will find a link to a worksheet so that you can create your highest vision.

The truth is, most of us strictly live moment to moment.  Dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly of the day.   We stay “Busy” getting kids off to school or daycare, work, homework, dinner, bedtime, laundry, housecleaning, yard work, rushing from work to home.  Completely unconscious and unaware that each choice that we make or don’t make, creates the life that we experience. Continue reading “Manifest Your Highest Vision”

Cheep Sales Tactics

Desk LampThe day that I got burned was the day I finally got a grip on the difference between integrity in sales and cheap sales tactics.

I signed up for a Sales Training event and was looking forward to it!   I dreamed more and more about the excellent knowledge that Zig was going to share!

Yes!  Zig Ziglar was going to speak at this event!

Finally, the day of the event came, and I sat as close to the stage as possible!  For the first ½ hour I sat on the edge of my seat, listening intently to the warm-up speakers talk about Time Management and what was and was not crucial.  This information was somewhat useful, but nothing new.

Cheep Sales Tactics

I was geared up to hear from Zig!   My Sales Guru!

The lights dimmed, music cued up, (I think it may have been “Eye of The Tiger”…I can’t quite remember if that was playing in my head or not!) The big moment….

Slowly and with great patience, with two people supporting him on either side of a walker. Poor old’ Zig shuffled onto the stage.  He was so old and feeble; it made me feel sorry for him!  He could barely stay focused long enough to answer the questions. His voice was cracked and weak and to top it off, he seemed bewildered and overwhelmed by all the lights, noise and the crowd.

After just a few questions and a few minutes, they escorted, ahem…sorry, they helped him off the stage, the rest of the event was spent pitching whatever program they were selling. I don’t even remember the exact details.  Maybe it was investing and making millions in just a few short months, flipping houses.

These sleazy people made me so mad, because they were taking advantage of this fantastic legend, only to draw a crowd.   And it worked too! The auditorium was overflowing!

Personal Vow

Well, that was it, I was done with the HYPE of Salesy Shit! I don’t care how much money they made during that event!  That day I vowed to always approach sales, marketing and sales training with transparent integrity!

I have built my coaching business reaching out to True Salespeople – with a heart and integrity and who want to not only serve their customer but also create a great and abundant life for themselves and their family.

Those two things are not exclusive!

If you’re a heart-centered sales person who wants make a tremendous amount of money, I mean enough that will change your life and that of your family forever, I am the coach for you!

There is a way to live an abundant life and have a career in sales with integrity!
If your convinced that there is a better and more effective way to create sales than the ol’ bait and switch or agitate the problem and promise a solution and deliver the least possible. Then I invite you to allow me to share with you my proven strategies to becoming a Sales Bad Ass!

My system is working to double, triple or even 10X’s my client’s income. I see no reason that it wouldn’t work just as well for you!

What do you do now?

Click on this link and email me! You know, a simple email. Send an email, saying you would like to schedule a FREE SALES BREAKTHROUGH SESSION and we will schedule a time to chat!

Happy, Abundant Life, Through Selling with Integrity

Stay on Target

Stay on target-Dont lose Focus

One of the most difficult things to do consistently is to Stay on Target!  Don’t lose focus!  I find when I have an amazing idea or start a new project, the things which make me successful in the first place tend to go on the back burner! Do you have this same problem? I started to think about this the last week because I am nearly done with the first part of a huge project I am working on…Launching my Business On-Line. (Watch for some great content coming your way!!!)  I realized this week it has been about two months since I blogged. Continue reading “Stay on Target”

Summer Sales Slackers!

Summer Sales SlackersSummer is a busy time for most of us.  Filled with family, friends, camping, traveling and household projects.  For me, its also about finding whatever mountain road to ride my 1800 Gold-Wing motorcycle.    If your in sales, its also a time that is filled with guilt and possibly shame, because only Summer Sales Slackers slow down!   However, would you believe me if I told you that taking some time to “slack” will increase your sales in the long run? Continue reading “Summer Sales Slackers!”

Don’t Play Small

Dont Play Small

Please don’t play small in your life!  I don’t care if you’re an employee, sales professional, supervisor, manager or the owner of a business.  Taking small steps will not keep you safe or unnoticed or avoid being perceived as arrogant or egotistical you are shortchanging yourself  and the world.  Don’t play small, it won’t help you or anyone.  At the same time do not measure small by some “World Standard” only you know when you are not doing what it is you truly want to.

Continue reading “Don’t Play Small”