Handshake Friend or Foe

Handshake Ettiquete

The Handshake friend or foe – etiquette and customs – You might be surprised by the history behind it.

Back in 2014 A friend asked me to write a blog on Handshake etiquette.    “Handshake Friend or Foe” to my great surprise, it got published on Linked In Pulse.  I decided it would be a great blog to re-post and also note, the video of Donald Trump – At the time, I had no idea that he would even be running for President! Continue reading “Handshake Friend or Foe”

The Tiger Behind the Client Does Not Exist

tiger behind a bush

What is Fear of selling and why are so many folks scared or even paralyzed when asking for the sale?  Well, it’s not the tiger behind your client as you may believe.   The Tiger behind the client does not exist.   What you are doing is being afraid of something you are entirely unaware exists in your imagination.

Fear of Selling

  • Failure
  • Rejection
  • Proving to yourself that you Can’t do a thing
  • Past success was just a fluke
  • Confrontation

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Motivated Teams Skyrocket Sales

Motivated teams skyrocket sales The truth is that motivated teams skyrocket sales more than micromanaged or bullied teams.  Sales people are strong, independent and driven individuals.  Desiring to be an active participant in their own growth and success.  As a Sales Manager you can support this attribute and motivate and inspire your team by having open, consistent, purposeful communication.  Do not create a combative, competitive and bullying atmosphere. Continue reading “Motivated Teams Skyrocket Sales”