Five Goal Setting Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

The sky's the Limit

No Regrets in 2020

A surefire way to avoid regrets in 2020 and achieve significant changes is to break all the standard goal-setting rules you may have followed in the past.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, again and again, expecting a different outcome. 

If you intend to create significant life-changing actions and results in 2020, I dare you to think outside of the box.  Think The Sky’s the Limit!  How different would your life be if you achieved all that you said you would at the beginning of each year? 

Take a moment and remember when you first set out to make an impact on the world with your passion and ingenuity!  When you believed whatever you wanted you only had to go for it.   The opportunities were limitless, the excitement of what was possible kept you awake at night, made you bound out of bed in the morning with the anticipation of what the day would bring.    Fast forward 3 – 5 – 10 -20 years.  How is it going?  Are you just getting by? Are you trudging through your day with little to no excitement? Are you doing the same thing as before with nothing new on the horizon?  I dare you to break out of your annual routine and stop making these mistakes when setting your goals or intension for 2020.  

Top 5 Goal Setting Mistakes that keep you and your business status quo

  1. Set too general of a goal.  Example:  I will make 10K more than last year.  That leaves you wondering how you’ll reach it and no clear path on the steps it takes to do so.  The same example applies to health and fitness or even personal development goals. 
  2. Accept past successes or failures as the ultimate truth of what you can achieve.  Do not assume that if you failed before, you will again.  If it’s something you really want, find a new way to approach it and try again.  If you succeeded in the past are you accepting that as the hight of your limits?
  3.  Compare yourself with others.  No one can set the bar for you!  There is always someone worse or better at whatever you are attempting to achieve. 
  4. Telling yourself you have it clear in your head.  To solidify your intention it must be written down.  Doing so makes a powerful statement of what you Will Achieve.  If it’s not written down, it’s incredible how easy it is to avoid, forget or make excuses as to why you didn’t do it.    

Here’s a powerful way of creating your goals.  Start with realistically Dreaming of what you want to accomplish.  Then GO BIGGER!  Yes!  Hit that idea out of the park!  Begin brainstorming how this could happen.  Don’t worry about why it can’t happen, pull yourself and/or your team/family together and start brainstorming ideas on what you CAN do!  Not what HAS been done or worse yet, what OTHERS have done.  Believe you can achieve it with all your heart!  Because You Can!

How much money do you want to make?  What projects do you finally want to get done this year?  What new idea do you want to give life too?   Dream it!  Believe it!  What does it look, feel, taste, smell like?  How will this change your life?   Measure and celebrate along the way, every milestone, and make 2020 a year to remember. 

When you participate actively every day with intention, belief, and joy, the life you want will manifest itself.   I wish you an exhilarating, productive, and lucrative 2020!

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Kause & Effect, A Podcast

The Inner Journey to Success in Life and Business

Creating a podcast has been a goal of mine for nearly two
years now.  Like so many other things in
life, the fear of actually doing it was so overwhelming, I found myself doing
any number of things, besides producing my much-desired podcast.

I realize now, I was not yet aligned with creating the right
message to share with you.

We all have "Goals," we try and try to
achieve.  Yet, in all honesty, dance
around it, f!#k it off and finally put it on the back burner.  It does not matter if it's dreaming of
becoming a coach, increasing your sales, improving health, personal growth, or
starting a business.  We all do it.


It's simple.... Our Soul knows we are not aligning with what
we are meant to do.  Once we are aligned,
things simply begin to fall into place.

That brings me to my podcast!

With every business coaching, training, or public speaking I
do, I speak from the heart.  I do not
just stick to training strategy, I include the emotional intelligence and
alignment that must coincide with all endeavors.  My physical audience seems to seriously eat
that up and engage with the concepts and training.

But I always dance around what I know to be the truth.  I often end up talking energy, meditation,
quieting the mind, releasing ego, being in the now and all that....  but only after I have been working with an
audience or client for a while.  If they
are receptive, I slowly introduce the spiritual or internal journey to
them.   I have found that those who are
more open to the inner journey have the greatest success.

So, that's what my new podcast Kause & Effect is about!  The spiritual journey to success in life and business.  We embark on a journey to discover what your spirit is really up to.  This journey is the most vibrant and rewarding adventure you will ever experience.  Becoming aligned with your true purpose will help to manifest the exact life you desire.   Whether that means financial abundance, satisfaction in business, or pure happiness with self and in relationships.  There are no judgments, and there are no requirements on this journey.  You won't have to eat tofu or practice yoga or meditate for two hours every day.  Your journey is yours to discover and yours to experience.  We are each on our own path.  This podcast is simply to inspire you, give you insight, tools, and resources to embark or continue your own journey.

Below are several ways you can listen to and follow my new podcast.  I use Podbean at this moment, as time goes on and I gain more experience, I may spread out and upload to other formats, but for now, here is where you can find Kause & Effect.  (Oh, and yes, I am uploading the audio files to YouTube also!  Just for you hardcore YouTube viewers.)

Podbean on your Computer:

Podbean on your phone:  Go to your play store and download the free app

Listen to Episode #1 directly:

Kause & Effect on YouTube:


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Handshake Ettiquete

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Back in 2014 A friend asked me to write a blog on Handshake etiquette.    “Handshake Friend or Foe” to my great surprise, it got published on Linked In Pulse.  I decided it would be a great blog to re-post and also note, the video of Donald Trump – At the time, I had no idea that he would even be running for President! Continue reading “Handshake Friend or Foe”