Don’t Play Small

Dont Play Small

Please don’t play small in your life!  I don’t care if you’re an employee, sales professional, supervisor, manager or the owner of a business.  Taking small steps will not keep you safe or unnoticed or avoid being perceived as arrogant or egotistical you are shortchanging yourself  and the world.  Don’t play small, it won’t help you or anyone.  At the same time do not measure small by some “World Standard” only you know when you are not doing what it is you truly want to.

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Motivated Teams Skyrocket Sales

Motivated teams skyrocket sales The truth is that motivated teams skyrocket sales more than micromanaged or bullied teams.  Sales people are strong, independent and driven individuals.  Desiring to be an active participant in their own growth and success.  As a Sales Manager you can support this attribute and motivate and inspire your team by having open, consistent, purposeful communication.  Do not create a combative, competitive and bullying atmosphere. Continue reading “Motivated Teams Skyrocket Sales”