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Entrepreneurial Experience

Today I am filled with a strong sense of Gratitude. This entrepreneurial experience for six years now has been the most amazing journey! I am filled with the blessings of creating my own path and knowing that what I do is changing the lives of others as well as my own! I am thinking of the impact coaching has brought to those I have worked with and it is overwhelming.

Entrepreneurial Experience

When I began this journey, all I knew is that I had gifts and had a lifetime of learning about personal development that I applied to both my personal and professional life. Reading, taking classes and being ever curious about what drives us and impacts us and how we can BE inside this thing we call life happily and harmoniously no matter what has happened to us in our past.  How is it that some people are miserable and others take any misfortune and turn it into a purpose?  I had spent over 30 years learning, applying and trying techniques and mindsets that assisted me through the death of my Mother at a very young age and the passing of my daughter.  Those experiences had the most impact on my life.  My knowledge and spiritual mindset brought me through those trying times.

I honestly believe that without those events, I never would have had the strength to take the leap of faith to begin my coaching practice.  They taught me that life is too short and we have choices.  We can move through this experience of life or we can sit back and life can happen to us and we just stay backed up in a corner holding on and hoping it will get better.  It won’t.  We are Co-Creators of our time here.  It’s up to us to make the most out of it.  Learning, sharing and experiencing all that comes our way and I believe helping others to do the same!

Leap of Faith

Taking the leap of faith to start my coaching practice, Kause Success Management, in hindsight was a bit crazy. My friends and family thought I was perhaps a bit insane. I had a great job with the best-ever benefits.  Why would I risk everything to begin something that no one in my community even knew existed? Heck I didn’t even know much about the coaching industry. What little I did know was mostly Woo Woo Metaphysical Life Coaching Style.  That’s not a bad thing.  I know a lot about the Woo Woo Metaphysical life and its practices.  But I believe there is much more than sitting around on a meditation pillow and “manifesting” our life.  It’s a combination of faith and action.  It takes both to be successful in our lives.  I knew that my coaching would be business focused and balanced with spirituality.  We are a trifecta – Mind-Body-Spirit.

The Journey

So 6 years ago, today,  I quit my job and launched my business 2 months later.  Having no inkling of what I was doing, only that I wanted to help folks to take their lives to the next level of success utilizing my gifts in Sales, Leadership and Customer Service.  Introducing the Human/Spiritual factors in my teaching.

Along the journey I have learned so much and served so many people.  Now that I am about to embark on another leg of my journey, I am reminded that the whole process is a part of this amazing thing called Life!

I am focusing my coaching on helping other people who know they have gifts both innate and learned and wish to embark on their own journey of helping others to transform their lives!  I am still helping folks to level up in Sales and Leadership, but am adding Transformational Coaching.

Outside the Comfort Zone

Weirdly the scariest part of this leg of my journey is yet another stretch beyond my comfort zone.  For 6 years I have been serving my community and now its time to spread my wings to the world!  Launching my business on line is almost as daunting as starting from the beginning!  I am not sure why, because the principle reason I started was that as a Sales Manager I was only serving the folks inside the business I worked for and desired to share with more people!  Of which I have done, but now I feel exactly the same.  I want to help more people.  How do I do that?  Through the wonderful Web!

I wonder, why is this so scary for me?  Is it because I went from impacting about 12 lives to having the opportunity to impact 35,000 lives to now…who’s on the web?….  4 or 5 Billion?  WOW!  It reminds me of when I went from riding a 600cc motorcycle and leapt right into an 1800cc!  It was a huge change.  But I did it and I love to ride.  Just as I took my first leap into my coaching practice and now I am ready to level up!

My journey includes all who wish to take the leap of faith to be different, take risks, make an impact and dare I say, change the world, utilizing the gifts that are inside each and every one of us.  Creating and being the vehicle to help others along their path to personal and professional success is my perfect joyful purpose!  I look forward to serving all who wish to embark on their own journey and also to be served by all who are on the journey and sharing the path with me.

Blessing and Gratitude,

Wendie Kause

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