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Handling Ups, Downs and Disappointments

Well, my story is not overly inspirational, but one that may help you when your having a bad day. In businesses handling ups, downs and disappointments are part of the gig!

A nice account that really started my year off with stars and explosions got delayed. Boy!  The disappointment is real. But the deal is not dead and I am confident that it will happen. But the feeling is…well, horrible. Makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry and kick and scream like a little baby, or perhaps curl up in a ball under my blanket and binge watch Greys Anatomy or some such inane Netflix show.

You can move through disapointments

While there are days that you can indulge in self pity, its not something that you can get away with very often in Direct Sales or Entrepreneurship. So How do YOU pull yourself up and move on when you get hugely disappointed or discouraged.

First, Know that this is a single moment in time, a single situation. This is not a definition of your entire career.   Even if it feels that way right now.

Next, take a moment and review what makes you a special Bad Ass in what you do. Read customer reviews, letters of recommendation, reviews of your best clientele. Just wallow in that for a bit. Know that this too shall pass and that there are opportunities just waiting for you.

Another way to Handle the ups, downs and disappointments in business is to evaluate the situation objectively.  Is there something to learn from this?  How could you handle this differently in the future?  Could you, change the offer, presentation or agreement so that possible issues are known up front?  Our greatest learning comes through our failures or disappointments.  Do not dismiss this great opportunity to grow!

Finally, if all else fails to help kick you back into gear, call a mentor.  This could be a friend, co-worker, even a client.  Someone who knows you well enough and that you respect enough to hear the advise or input that they offer.

I for one am grateful for my disappointments….at least once I get over the whiny baby, kicking and screaming part.    It makes me a better coach, a better sales person and mentor for others.

Blessings for handling all your ups, downs and disappointments.

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