If you believe its hard to find good help these days, your not alone!  And there’s a reason.  Here is an excerpt from an article from the Idaho Labor Department.   But there is also something that you can do about turnover and keeping your current staff happy so that you don’t have to find “good help” out there in the wonderful world of low unemployment.

Unemployment rates: We have heard about major layoffs in this area associated with timber mills and bullet manufacturing, but our unemployment rate has dropped in the past year.  If you are trying to hire good help, that means it can be tough to find anybody reliable unless you are willing to pay more. In Lewiston, compared to 12 Idaho cities, we moved from position 6 with a 3.5% unemployment rate last June to position 10 with a rate of 2.2% of the workforce being unemployed. Only Moscow 2.2% and Rexburg 1.7% had lower unemployment rates.  Our region has a 3% unemployment rate with only North Idaho being higher. Idaho is at 3.1% and the US is at 4.4%. Clearwater County is often at the #1 position with the highest unemployment in the state but it dropped to number 2 with Shoshone County taking the #1 position and Lewis County has remained at #3. Source: Kathryn Tacke, Regional Economist, Idaho DOL newsletter Kathryn.Tacke@labor.idaho.gov

What to do about it?

As great as the news is that unemployment is low, the bad part is that its really hard to find good help these days.  Therefore its more important than ever to hold on to the employee’s you do have!

You can do any number of things;

The choice is yours and I think that this may be the time for you to take the temperature of the companies leadership skills and were it can be improved.

Approximately 80% of employees leave because of bad bosses.  Yet bosses believe that 80% of employees leave because of poor work ethic.  That’s my take on it, based on nearly 20 years of working with leaders and their employees, both in marketing and coaching.

So if you are struggling to keep your employees with you and finding it difficult to find good help these days, I stress to you to learn as much as you can about improving the leadership skill-set inside your business.  Take a class, read a book, hire a coach. Whatever it takes to keep your employee’s, because right now, it really is hard to find good help these days.

Turn the Ship Around, By L. David Marquet

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P.S.  I know this article was a little “In Your Face” but sometimes, sugar coating an issue can be ineffective.  If these issues dont apply to you, I bet you know someone who could use a little “in your face” push.  Please share this article.



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