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Lions, Tigers & Bears

Fear came about in the first place to save our physical bodies. Way back in the caveman time, lions, tigers, and bears were real dangers. Fear saved our lives. Fear shuts down the frontal lobe; it makes your stomach go tight, your breathing deepens, the adrenaline shoots through your body and brain, making you ready to run. Here’s the thing folks, your brain does not know the difference between an emotional fear and a physical danger fear. It just knows that when a fear thought arises, chemicals kick in, and fight-or-flight is the reaction.

We, of course, want to avoid anything that causes fear. If we actually were to see a tiger, we’d run. However, if it’s fear of going on an adventure, writing a book, starting a business, asking someone on a date, know that all the same physiological reactions will set in. Leaving us no choice but to “mentally” run away.

If you were to take a moment and make a choice, you can move through the fear. There are techniques that you can practice, both to change your attitude towards nonphysical threatening fear and how to move through and away from the fight or flight reaction.

Phew! That’s enough about fear for today! Next week, I’ll talk about how fear hinders our ability to achieve, how it’s connected to ego, and how to move through it to find peace, joy, happiness, or whatever you want!

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