Kause Success

Providing Direction for Your Success

I am sitting here Monday morning, organizing my day and week, and thinking how much fun it is to do the work that I do. My wish is that everyone finds that sense of happiness and peace inside whatever work they do. It’s a fantastic feeling to love what you do and do what you love.

The theme this month has been fear, what it is, why it is, and how to overcome it. Check out my podcast. https://wkause.podbean.com to listen to the last 3 or 4 episodes. A New Episode will be loaded up sometime today to conclude the month’s focus.

Inside my Group Ultimate Coaching Mastery, my hope is to inspire others to move into peace and happiness, no matter how that manifests itself, is my ultimate goal. Business strategy has been my traditional way to feel fulfilled, that has been the direction I place most of my attention and honestly, make a living.

With this awakening that I have manifested this last year, I am at a quandary as to the direction I should go. My coach says I can mix my motivation/inspiration very well with my business acumen, but I am in the midst of still figuring out that balance.

In the meantime, I am practicing following whatever creative, authentic whim crosses my path in my mind, hence, the unedited – wide open – sometimes silly FB lives and very unedited posts along with the questions you have seen daily to inspire, motive and get you sharing your thoughts.

Sharing these rambling thoughts in a blog is yet another step on my journey of creative, inspired action, with the desire to show you, dear reader, that being open, vulnerable and authentic is a major part of the road to peace joy, abundance and happiness. Not caring what others think about you and letting it all hang out is such a freeing experience that I hope you may also enjoy!

Such a blessing and joy to be in your world and you in mine. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.