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Self Acceptance

I will be happy, peaceful, enlightened when;

  • I love all humans equally
  • Tend to my body entirely
  • Find my soul-mate
  • My partner treats me right
  • I make the money, I desire
  • I get the promotion I deserve
  • Receive the respect I want
  • Meditate daily
  • Practice yoga daily
  • Never have a negative thought again.  

The litany of  “have- to’s” and “should’s” go on and on. 

Your thought is when you arrive at a certain level; then you will be happy.  What are those thoughts?  Are they the Truth of who you are or who you think you are supposed to be?  What is the Truth? 

Some spiritual leaders claim you should never tend to the body. The body is only a container to hold your spirit, therefore ignore the body and focus entirely on the soul.  

Yet another will claim that the tending of the body is the only way to reach enlightenment.  Perhaps they will claim that denying the body is the only way—abstaining from food, water, sex, or other earthly pleasures and needs.  Bodily suffering is the way to enlightenment.

Yet another will claim that the only way is to fully embrace every single desire fully and let go of social edicts altogether. 

Religious doctrines allow and deny any number of earthly pleasures and distractions, such as dancing, music, and alcohol consumption.  

At this rate, the only thing you can do during this life experience is to sit on a pillow, think pure thoughts, and do nothing that may upset the spiritual journey.

My question to you is some or any of this true for you?  If you smoke or drink, does that mean you are not a spiritual being?  What if you are overweight because you did not tend the body?    Does any of this mean that you achieved or failed at being the spiritual being that you are? 

What is your Truth of who you are?  How do you define it, measure the success or failure of your spiritual journey here on earth?  Is it possible to know? 

I do not think that this is something anyone can know for or about another.  Our Truth is just that; our Truth.  We rely so heavily on what others tell us we “Should” be doing, being, and having;  your Truth gets lost in the doctrine and rules. 

What if you fully accepted the spiritual being that you are in the here and now?  What if your thoughts of who or what you “should” be were let go for just a minute?   Can you, for just a minute, let go of all the information that you have learned over a lifetime and just BE in the present?  Feeling fully in this very moment what you feel and not what you think?  How different would you see yourself and the world if you could trust that you are a perfect spiritual being, having perfect feelings and experiences at this instant?

We are not our thoughts.  Our thoughts are a contrivance of all that we have heard and experienced in the past.  The past is done now.  So if thoughts are an outcome of the past, how can thoughts BE who we are? 

The Truth of who we are is who we are right now.   Here is an example.  At this moment, you are feeling the sun caressing your shoulders and are enjoying the warmth that is shimmering down upon you.  Yesterday the sun was covered in clouds, the wind was blowing, and you felt the chill deep down to your bones.    The inquiry is;  Because yesterday was cold and windy, does that mean that the reality of the warmth you feel today is not real?

Yesterday was cold. Today is warm.  That is Truth.  

Yesterday you may have been treated poorly by another.  Today someone treated you kindly.  Yesterday you felt sick, but today you feel rejuvenated and full of energy.  Yesterday you may have been a smoker, today you may be a smoker, but tomorrow you may or may not be.  The only reality is what you are experiencing right here and now.  One thing does not take away from another.  One experience is not more significant than another.  Each experience is the reality at the moment.

Are the wind and cold bad?  Is the sun better than the rain?  How can you have one without the other? 

Is yesterday’s illness more critical than today’s health?  Perhaps the sickness was a reminder to tend to the body? Maybe the illness was caused by tending too much to the body.  You know, like working out too hard? Perhaps the condition was caused by NOT tending to the body, eating poorly, or drinking too much alcohol the night before? 

Each experience is just that; an experience.  When you decide in this moment to do, be or have an experience, that’s precisely the experience you have.   Maybe you choose today to work out less, eat lighter, and drink nothing but water.  Does that make you a better person today?  But tomorrow you may decide to party all night, overeat and have a rowdy and glorious time with your friends.  All the while knowing you will pay the price tomorrow.  Does that mean that you are not a spiritual being having a physical experience?  I think not.  It is ALL part of the experience.   The Truth of who you are is found only in this moment. 

Suppose you decide that overindulgence in any form is something you wish not to practice any longer. In that case, you can choose to stop overindulging.  This is not “Sacrifice.” This is a choice.  If you decide that sitting in silence for three days is something you wish to experience, then you can choose that. 

Your Truth, your reality, is what you feel in this very moment.  The blessing is that in each moment, you are the creator of that reality.    You are the Truth in this moment, no matter what the exterior or past experience may be.

Many blessings to you,

Wendie Kause

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