Coaching, Teaching, Speaking


While I prefer to call myself a Guide or Teacher, Coaching is the common language most understand to describe my one-on-one mentorship style.

The journey to awaken and become the best version of yourself is the most extraordinary journey of your life.

The journey begins with my program, The 5 Steps on the Path to Peace. You will gain clarity and direction to discover your True Purpose and be an open vessel to experience happiness and receive the abundance that this life offers.

Most people search for Peace, Purpose, Happiness, and Abundance outside of themselves.

You may be facing any number of struggles, obstacles, or even tragedies that you believe keep you from achieving these things.

The truth is the Infinite Power is within you, despite any external environmental events you may be experiencing now or in the past.

Utilizing years of experience, powerful intuition, the wisdom of both science and the ancients. I guide you to realize your own power and insight to design the life you choose, reflecting, Peace, Purpose, Happiness and Abundance. 


Leadership, Sales and Team Building

Create a productive work culture, bringing all the unique talents together to help you, your team, and your company to reach higher levels of success, consistently.

Top 5 reasons Leaders Fail and Teams Struggle

  • Unclear about their Roles
  • Unclear Expectations
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Poor Conflict Management Skills

 When an environment of motivation and inspired action is created, success and growth is inevitable!

Sales is About Mindset And Strategy

  • Know Yourself
  • Know your Why
  • Know your Customer
  • Know your Purpose
  • Know you WILL Succeed through Service


When your goal is to serve the customer – Sales comes effortlessly and naturally!

Group Training
Motivational Speaking

I am an easygoing and engaging speaker who peppers her talks with humor, stories, and real life anecdotes, designed to stretch the standard way of thinking and doing in the world. 

Topics include; but not limited to;

The Path to Peace – The interior journey to find Peace within and uncovering our true purpose.

Leadership – Becoming a leader that motivates and inspires others instead of managing them.

Team Building – Mine, Yours, and Ours. No one can be successful without the other, from the CEO to the Janitor.

 Customer Service Hero – Customer Service with a Soul. The pride and satisfaction of dedicated service.

 Sales – Overcome sales fears and obstacles through selling from a service perspective. 

In addition to motivational speaking, each of these topics can be followed by breakout sessions, group training, or individual coaching. 

When everyday concepts are challenged and a new paradigm is introduced, change happens.  I endeavor to open the mind, and change perspective. 

This is how new ideas and success is manifested.