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Stay in Your Lane

Stay in Your Lane, Coaching Practice

When your thinking about starting a Coaching Practice, or any business for that matter, it is best to stay in your lane. What does that mean? It means doing what you do best and hiring others to either help you with your endeavor or outsourcing the areas that are difficult for you to perform.

Starting and growing your business

It’s really easy to get bogged down in overwhelm. So the best idea is to create a plan and streamline it, starting at the beginning.  Set your own expectations and move through it smoothly and at YOUR pace, not a predetermined idea of how fast it should happen.

Start with the name of your business that aligns with your brand.  Know your niche and your avatar.    How do you plan to deliver your product or service?  What is the outcome you wish to manifest for you and your customer?  Will you focus online or do you want to work locally? Will you promote through online courses, speaking events, local workshops, webinars or write a book?

With so many choices, if you wait until you’re in the middle of the launch to make a final decision on the foundational details, you may find yourself wrapped up in overwhelm!

Stay in Your Lane

Staying in your lane means knowing what your gifts are and not trying to do it all. If you struggle with focus, procrastination, making decisions, technology or social media marketing, why would you spin your wheels in that arena? Hire a coach, outsource your website, get assistance in marketing or copywriting. The most successful people understand their expertise and limitations and allow others to navigate their knowledge.

I interviewed Jessica,  Founder of Journey with Jessica Dawn who recently launched her business.  She shares her secrets to launching without crazy overwhelm.  She hired a coach to help her with accountability and found alternative resources to help her with creating her logo and brand.

Even though she has only just begun her journey, she has all the right ingredients and indicators of a successful coaching business.   I can’t wait to follow up with her in a few months or years to see how she is doing!

Follow her journey as well as others through my YouTube video series, Kause & Effect.   My hope is these in-depth interviews provide you with inspiration, practical information, tips and secrets to starting and launching your business, online or locally!

Kause & Effect – Jessica Dawn

If you are in the process of discovering your Lane – Starting your business or struggling to uplevel your practice, I invite you to join my Facebook Group Ultimate Coaching Mastery and share with other like-minded individuals and let’s make great things happen for you and those you serve!


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