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Stay on target-Dont lose Focus

One of the most difficult things to do consistently is to Stay on Target!  Don’t lose focus!  I find when I have an amazing idea or start a new project, the things which make me successful in the first place tend to go on the back burner! Do you have this same problem? I started to think about this the last week because I am nearly done with the first part of a huge project I am working on…Launching my Business On-Line. (Watch for some great content coming your way!!!)  I realized this week it has been about two months since I blogged.

One of the things I teach as a Bad Ass Coach is to Stay on Target. Don’t lose focus.  And here I am doing it myself!! ACCHHH!!!  Yup, we are all human and struggle with the same things.  So, I thought I would share today HOW to get back on track when you have fallen off for a while and a great resource to help you!

What is working? What is not?

Before you jump back in, might I suggest you first make sure the habits you normally do are still working and efficient? This just might be a perfect time to revamp your approach! Is it possible what you did in the past is no longer working or working well?

An example: You created a huge footprint by sending Newsletters to all your clients via Snail Mail. I doubt there are many folks doing this anymore, but perhaps you’re sending them via email.

When was the last time you cleaned up your email list? Adding and/or removing contacts? Do you even need to send them via email?  What about Blogging instead?

I think it’s important for you to regularly check your tried and true processes and make sure that they are still valuable to your sales process and your customer.

Stick To The System

Next, once you have taken the time to review, and maybe decided to stick with the system, you have in place… now it the time to get back on track.  Let folks know what’s going on in your world and why maybe you have slipped….kinda like this post!

Most importantly is to set up a Solid Plan to NOT fall off again. Create a marketing calendar with regular reminders what you need to do.   Put it right on your electronic calendar so you receive a reminder

The thing is, once you get back on track, you will regain your traction quickly.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking its too late, so why bother.

When I looked back and realized I had not posted since July (I did put up a video in early September) I was blown away.  Nearly two whole months had gone by.  If you had asked me when was the last time I posted, I would have said: “A couple of weeks ago.”  It’s amazing how time flies!

Stay on Target!  The best way is to use the right tools to do so, not your memory!

Hubspot has some pretty amazing tools and marketing articles.  Funny, I opened the site to copy the URL and discovered this article front and center!!  HA!  Great minds as they say! “Your Content Strategy Needs More Consistency”

Reading the article makes me feel kinda like a bad ass…because it’s saying (In much better technical terms) what I just said!

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