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Desk LampAre you filled with a desire to change your life by helping others?  This was my dream then and now,  is to Unleash Your Unlimited Potential!   But how do you make that happen?  Does even just thinking about it feel overwhelming, scary and daunting?  What comes first?  What’s next?  Where do you begin?

What’s worse is if you have tried and failed and started and stopped.  You may have tons of notes and ideas from webinars you have watched or articles you’ve saved.  All of it clogging your brain, overwhelming you with fear and frustration. 

These feelings suck.  Maybe you even wish you could forget the yearning desire keeping you awake at night.  Feeling as if there is MORE… more than just working 8-5 and creating a safe and comfortable life. I remember feeling this way too.

My Story

Over 15 years ago I had the first thoughts of becoming a teacher or a coach.  Having no idea what to do, where to start or who my potential clients were.  I only knew my goal was to be able to change people’s lives with the knowledge and gifts that I had.

During this time, I had an incredible career as a sales leader and was making a difference with the team I led. I felt for a long time I was living the dream, helping my team to succeed. As time went on, however, I realized my gifts were only serving a few. There was this underlying desire to make an impact on a much larger scale, but had no idea how to do it and was scared to death even to try.

Life Happens

Over those 15 years, life happened.  I got married, divorced, was on my own, my mother passed away at a very young age of 59, and several years later, my daughter passed away.  We all have a story, we all have good and bad things happen to us.

But the passing of the two closest people in my life transformed me.  I had a choice.  Shut down and wallow in my pity and grief or I could honestly live my life to the fullest.  Drop fear and begin living in the now.  My Mom and my daughter taught me that life comes with no guarantee.  Do not wait until tomorrow to truly start living it exactly the way I want now.  Every day I bless them for this lesson.

I realized if I kept waiting for the perfect time to move forward, it would never happen.  Then I decided to “GO FOR IT!, Wendie, Just DO IT!”    I cashed in my 401 K and quit my job, and opened my coaching practice.

With no solid strategies and no prospects, only a vision and a passion, I scrubbed through the Internet to learn how to create my Coaching Business model. Believe me; at the time, there was not much information out there.

I have to be honest with you I have no idea how I survived after the first year.  The 401K ran out and then I was on my own.  But I managed, a client here and major client there.  Just stumbling around with my sales knowledge and the passion for making it work.

Too Much Information?

Nowadays you can’t swing a dead cat by the tail on the Internet without hitting some coaching guru who tells you exactly what it is that you need to do and exactly this order with these words and this vehicle.  Heck, you can even buy Done For You Programs!

There is a ton of free information for you to access.  But sadly, most of the free webinars promising solutions give you just enough information to leave you even more confused than you were when you started.  Most of these “Free Solutions” honestly feel more like “Infomercials” than training.

Have you seen videos or articles saying all you need to do are these four things to be an overnight success?  I am here to tell you right here, and right now, most of it is Bullshit to drag you in and sell you. If it feels like B.S. and too good to be true it probably is.

My suggestion is to learn all you can, become prolific in your area of expertise and consistently take action. Sounds fairly easy, right?  Yeah, right up to the point you start taking action.

Then doubts set in, you become fearful and begin making excuses and finally just stop.  In a blink of an eye, months or even years have gone by, and nothing has happened to move you forward towards your dream.

The Foundation

I am here to tell ya!  The solution is to create a foundation strong enough to fall back on when fear and doubt start creeping in.

Over the last six years, I have been working with clients to help improve, Sales, Leadership and Customer Service.  From this experience, I have learned what many folks want to do is make a difference in this world and make an excellent living doing what they love.  They want to DO what they are passionate about.  Not just exist on this planet.

Over time, the common theme I discovered was they wanted to become coaches and help others to transform their lives.  I don’t care if its Sales, Health and Fitness, Personal Development, Relationship, Time Management or whatever, we all have a special gift.  Sharing your gift is one of the most satisfying things you can do.  Making money at sharing your gift is even better.

My new Membership program Kause Success Membership, you will create a solid foundation to stop the hamster wheel of fear and doubt.  And begin to build the momentum to manifest your dream of working for yourself.

If it were strictly about learning a strategy, everyone would do it.  The fact is there is a lifetime of garbage in our minds holding us back from taking the leap of faith even to begin the journey of manifesting the life we deserve and want.

Start at the Beginning

If you want to do anything in this world significant, you must start at the beginning.  This means you will create the foundation of Clarity,  know what you want.  Uncover your Why.   How not to listen to the Naysayers.  Overcome the Fear holding you back and finally create your Actionable Goals.

Kause Success Membership   will take you from your first idea to the business model and finally teach you how to sell like like a pro!

I invite you to find out more by adding your name to the list of other serious start up coaches who wish to take the very first steps on the journey of manifesting the business of thier dreams while transforming the lives of others,   Kause Success Membership.


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