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What’s All the Hype about Coaching?

Coaching HypeWhat’s all the hype about coaching?  Why can’t you swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting a coach nowadays?   Why on earth should you join the crowd and become a coach?

Well, I am going to shed some light on these pressing questions and help you to decide whether or not you want to become part of one of the fastest growing industries or pass it up as yet another fad.

What’s all the hype about coaching?

About 15 years ago coaching was virtually unheard of.  Yeah, there were self-help books and motivational speakers, but the industry as it stands now virtually did not exist.  Why has it exploded to a multi-billion dollar industry and why do so many people want to become a coach?

First of all.  The internet.  Yup, that’s it! The internet.  Virtually access to millions of potential customers is but a single click away.

Secondly, Coaching is easy to get into, with virtually no regulations, no federal requirements, and no oversite.

Thirdly, little to no start-up costs.  Just a website, Facebook fan page and maybe a Linked In profile and BAM, Your a coach.

Is there a problem with this model?

Yes and No.

Yes:  How does the consumer know if the coach they chose is legit or just a great marketer?

No:  Nothing is holding you back if you honestly have talent, experience and a desire to create the lifestyle and business you desire.

All the reasons the coaching industry has exploded is also the reason it’s very challenging to carve out your market share.  With so many “Coaches” how can you possibly separate yourself from the great marketers or fake gurus?

Let me give you a simple answer.  If your passion is to be a coach and you know you can help people and you’re serious about creating a lifestyle business, you will do whatever it takes to succeed and not give up.  You will take the time to learn how to create a legit coaching practice and take the time to hone your skills and expertise to establish a business model designed for ongoing growth and long-term success.

Success does not mean having a huge Social Media Following.

Posting a bunch of positive and motivational content does not make a coach.  It is easy to create a Facebook fan page and claim to be a coach.  Initially gaining attention and followers, but once folks start digging in and looking for real experience and content, it’s just as easy to lose their interest.

So the next question is;

Why the heck become a coach?

If there are so many coaches and its so hard to break through the noise and be successful, Why the heck even try?

Well, that’s an easy one to answer.  Because you have a calling to do it.   Not because you believe its easy to start… it isn’t.  Not because you think you can make six figures playing around on your computer five hours a week…you can’t.

Creating a legit coaching practice is just like any other business startup. It takes time, knowledge, patience and enough drive to push through when things get tough.   Don’t believe the hype that tells you that “With this ONE Secret” your going to become a coach.  That “This ONE Action” will make you six figures in six weeks.

I am blown away by how many folks believe this can be.  These are the same folks that believe if they join an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that they will make thousands of dollars a month doing nothing but telling people about their product in just a few hours per week.  (Did you know that less than 3% of MLM folks make more than $400 per month?)

Coaching as well as MLM can and will create success, but YOU have to be willing to treat your business like a business and not a hobby.  It takes real effort to build a real company that not only provides an income but makes a difference in the lives of those you serve.

Are you Ready to Start?

Starting a coaching practice is hard, but not impossible.  There are many “Coach for Coaches” who can help you along the way.  I am one of them.  I have successfully coached folks for over six years to start or uplevel their business.  Now I am helping coaches do the same.

Are you ready?  I am ready to guide you!  Join my Ultimate Coaching Mastery group to connect with other like-minded, dedicated coaches and professionals who have a desire to create a strong and positive coaching practice that not only transforms the lives of others but create a thriving lifestyle business of their own!

Let the Journey Begin,

Wendie Kause, Founder, KauseSuccess.com

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