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Why Clarity?

Confused mind is confused thoughts

I am asked all the time “How do I find focus and do what I need to do to make shit happen?” The easy answer is gain clarity. Why Clarity? I believe if you do not understand why you want to do a “thing” or what you expect to give or to get out of it you will not be able to take the very first steps to accomplish it. You must have extreme clarity first.

For those who argue, you must have a positive mindset first; I challenge you to gain a positive mindset if your mind is swirling, with nothing to point you in the positive direction. How can you be positive when you have a monkey mind? The answer, you can’t.


Clarity. Take an in-depth look at the “Thing” you want to do. Let’s use my favorite as an example. Start a coaching practice. Why in Zeuses butthole would anyone want to leave a comfortable, seemingly secure job and start on the path towards becoming a coach?

It is hard work to become an entrepreneur, even if you don’t quit your seemingly secure job and do it as a side business.

Before you get serious about coaching and all the personal challenges of starting and stopping, the feelings of guilt and regret for, yet again not doing anything today to move towards your goal, you must become clear on why you want to do coach in the first place.

Ask yourself these clarifying questions:
– Why do I want to coach?
– What benefits will it provide me and others?
– Am I willing to give up certain things to carve out time to work on my business?
– What are those things?
– How long will I work on this?
A. I give up.
B. I quit my job and do it full time.
C. Stay status quo and happily treat this as a hobby.

Without a definite end in sight, how on earth will you maintain the effort for any real length of time?

Why Clarity?

Become very clear about what you expect and why you’re going to put forth the effort in the first place. Capiche?

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For more information on how you can gain clarity on your direction, join my remarkable tribe and me at UltimateCoachingMastery FaceBook Group.  This community dives deep into all aspects of starting your practice and keeping a positive mindset and gaining clarity on whatever it is they are endeavoring to accomplish! It’s a bad ass group! I hope to see you over there!

Wendie Kause, Founder

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